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Post Officers Introduction Letter

Released June 21, 2018

To those Post Members who regularly attend the Post 2485's General Membership Meeting (GMM) and conscientiously contribute to post functions, we sincerely thank all of you. To all other post members, we cannot stress enough that we need your presence at the GMM and your participation at post's function, activities, and events. Please join us at the meetings and at the various VFW sponsored events. Our Post General Membership Meeting is at2 pry on the 1" Wednesday of each month. We host and celebrate POWA4IA Recognition Day on the 3'o Saturday of September and Veterans Day on 11 November. This year POWT\4IA Recognition Day is on22 September will be celebrated at Cabanatuan Memorial in Nueva Ecija; Post 2485 will provide transportation. Veterans Day is celebrated at 1l am in Clark Veterans Cemetery at the Hall of Flags.

VFW Post 2485 fields an Honor Guard which renders Military Honors for fallen US Military Veterans at Clark Veterans Cemetery and occasionally at local cemeteries and funeral homes. Volunteers are always welcome join the Honor Guard. VFW Post 2485 sponsors an outstanding Boy Scout and Cub Scout Troop, the troop is sorely in need of counselors and subject matter instructors to enhance the scout's Merit Badge Program. The POWI4IA Exploratory Committee is also in need of volunteers to do the honorable work of searching for veterans missing in action the Philippines. Post offrcers and members also support other service orgarizations, such as the American Legion, Fleet Reserve Association, and Returned Service League by participating in their ceremonies and events.

Post 2485 members are afforded individual benefits; which include a discount on meals and drinks at the Lamp Post restaurant. Two free dinners are offered to all members at the Post Membership Nights in May and December. The Post Installation of Officers ceremony is held at the May Membership Night. Members are also provided a free meal voucher, for use during their birth month. Additionally, two member's names are drawn each month at the GMM from the free meal drawing box. Beginning with the July GMM, a free appetizer snack will be offered after the meeting. The VFW's fiscal year and the officer's term of offrce begins on I July and ends 30 June. As the Post begins a new VFW year, please step up, get involved, and make a difference. With your help, Post 2485 can continue to "Lead the Way" in District VII (Philippines) and in the Department of Pacific Areas. Join in the camaraderie, have fun, life is short.


James E. Collins, Post Commander

Eric Zarriello, Post Senior Vice Commander

David Mason, Post Junior Vice Commander

Posted June 21,2018. This article will remain indefinitely until further notice.

Important VFW Maintenance Notice

Posted June 23, 2018. This notice will be deleted on June 30, 2018.

We've ADDED a New Permanent Page

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June 6, 2018

We've added the SPACE-A registration and flight schedule page to our website. Just click under the  MORE menu link and scroll down to SPACE-A Information.

Posted June 6, 2018.  This notice will be deleted on June 30, 2018 and all infomration will be located on the new SPACE-A Information page.

The VFW Post2485 History Archives Project

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We are currently digitizing all historic documents of our Post 2485. What this means for you is easier access to archived files and documents that can now only be seen on paper.


Posted April 1, 2018

This notice will be deleted when project is completed.