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Becoming a member of the greatest Veteran support organization has it's rewards and options.
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There are many options  available for membership, a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP giving you the greatest value.

 Posted November 23, 2017

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Three Simple Steps for Membership

The criteria for belowmembership is outlined by con the button belows. You will have the option to return here after reading the information.

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The VFW Membership Application contains 20 questions to insure accurate recording of your registration.

Once completed, you will be contacted by us for verification.

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We do not accept online payment at this time. You may either come by the Post and pay (Cash, Debit, Credit Card or Check), telephone us the payment information, or you may mail the fees via Postal Mail.

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I prefer not to apply online, What are my options?

You can download the necessary forms here or continue scrolling down for the online application.

See the previous information on forms, additional documents and payment mailing via mail.

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Are you Eligible to Apply?

Step 1 - Eligibility Test

  • As established by the VFW national site, certain requirements must be met and verified to become a member of the VFW.
  • Please review the following documents to determine if you are eligible. It would be advised to copy your particular eligibility information to use later while completing your application.
  • The link below will open a separate page or tab and you can close the page to return to this spot. If you need to return here otherwise, just click the page link MORE, then scroll down to the Post 2485 Join  page.

Eligibility Worksheet

Membership Options

Veterans Helping Veterans - How Members Help

US MILITARY VETERANS IN THE PHILIPPINES belonging to the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States can help protect your earned benefits as a Veteran. Through our lobbying efforts we provide a single voice for your concerns directly to Congress and the President, backed by the power of our unified voting membership. Additionally, highly trained Service Officers stand ready to assist with individual VA entitlements, benefits and claims. VFW Post 2485 in Angeles City, Pampanga is centrally located to one of the largest OCONUS Veteran population centers in the world with close proximity to Subic and Metro Manila.  The Department of the Pacific Areas Service Officer, who can represent veterans before the VA through a Power of Attorney, is also located at Post 2485. In Manila we have the only VA Regional Office outside the United States.  However, this accomplishes little for you if you have not applied for benefits, or are not properly represented. The Department Service Officer maintains an office at the VA Regional Office in Manila if this is more convenient for you. We are here to help if you reach out, let us know you and join Post 2485. Our VFW membership point of contact person is Cliff Wilsey. Email Cliff at clffwilsey@gmail.com

Outreach and Community Involvement

We are also involved in numerous community service activities such as supporting the Boy Scouts of America, a recycling program, and providing free mahogany trees for planting to help make a greener Philippines. However, our flagship initiative involves providing medical assistance and surgical help for indigent children having cleft lips and cleft palates. This is a totally free service for the families of the children. To date, we have helped over 1300 children.

Heeding the Call

If you know of, or have somebody in your local area that needs our help, please let us know! Help us help you. Protect your benefits, join our Post and help us become the largest VFW Post worldwide!

Plan Options & Fees

Have it your Way

There are two Membership Plans available.

Plan 1 - Annual Membership

Effective the fiscal year 2017-2018, the Annual Membership fee is $40.00. This plan inlcudes a one-year membership and all it's privileges -and- a 10% discount on purchases at the Lamp Post Restaurant in our VFW Post 2485 home.

Plan 2a - Lifetime Membership

Effective the fiscal year 2017-2018, the Lifetime Membership fee is according to the sliding scale to the left. This plan eliminates annual membership fees, and includes all it's privileges - and - a 10% discount on purchases at the Lamp Post Restaurant in our VFW Post 2485 home -and- a special BONUS.

Plan 2b - The Lifetime Membership INCENTIVE

Effective the fiscal year 2017-2018, the Lifetime Membership INCENTIVE as follows:

The Post has established a special LIFE MEMBERSHIP INCENTIVE program for members' sons and daughters who are serving or have served in harm's way and are otherwise eligible to join the VFW. For those sons and daughters, the cost of a LIFETIME Membership will be $100.00. The remaining costs will be paid from donations and Post funds.  The same membershlip criteria for VFW membership applies to Special Service applicants.

------------------- P L U S ----------------------------

A $50.00 subsidy.

This program will remain in effect until June 30, 2018.

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