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Vietnam War Aircraft Losses

An interesting look at U.S. aircraft 

losses during the Vietnam War.

Lot's of photos of Vietnam Era fighters and support aircraft. Click the image to

go to the Download page to view.

Posted November 22, 2017

Bells of Balangiga

This story, newly dated December 1, 2017, has been updated and has replaced the old version.


An article about the Bells of Balangiga and the Posts effort to restore

the dignity and historical placement of the 'Bells'.

Click the image to view/download this story.

Posted : December 1, 2017

Phillippines Phoning

As a retiree of the great AT&T 

telephone company, I'm remiss

to post this but here goes.

Here's a little background music

I  don't know about you, but I still have a bit of difficulty when I'm given a phone number and can't dial it for one reason or another. Wait- I CAN dial it, it just doesn't go through. Barring network issues (say it ain't so), sometimes a missing '0' or 'country code' or 'region code' or even putting one in when it's not needed will get that famous "Your call cannot be connected''. This happened recently when I tried calling the Manila Social Security Unit at the embassy. Arghhhh.

In an effort to enlighten us all (or confuse us further), I've cobbled together a few articles on the proper formatting of calls. Here's what I came up with.

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Veterans Empowerment Act

The Veterans Empowerment Act of 2017 may change how Veterans get their health care and options.

Click on the image above to see more.

The Bills sponsors are below and you can EMAIL them directly with your opinion or concerns.

Posted November 30, 2017